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Christina Noe

Christina,  founder of Birth by Design, found her calling at the tender age of ten when she attended her first birth. It was in that transformative moment that she discovered her profound connection to the labor and delivery room, realizing that it was where she truly came to life.

Her passion extends to various settings, from hospitals and birth centers to the comfort of home, where she provides unwavering support and guidance during the birthing process. Christina's presence in the birth room is marked by her nurturing spirit, unwavering support, and an innate ability to create a calming environment.

Christina is a certified practitioner of the BodyReadyMethod, a comprehensive approach that emphasizes physiological birth preparation and response techniques . Her commitment to ensuring a positive birthing experience is evident in her warm and intuitive nature.

In addition to her professional expertise, Christina draws inspiration from her personal experiences as a mother of four. These firsthand encounters with the joys and challenges of motherhood allow her to connect with her clients on a deeper level, understanding the unique needs and desires that each birth journey entails.

Healthy families begin at birth, and Christina's mission is to guide women in embracing their strength during this sacred moment.


Birth Doula


I would be honored to be a part of your family's story.

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