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A woman who does not know her options, has no options.

Gail Tulley

  • What is a doula?
    A birth doula supports families through the journey of labor and delivery. Whether verbal encouragement, comfort measures, or positional advice, a birth doula helps guide the mother through her joyful birth story. Educated birth support is not to be underestimated. Studies show that doula assisted births are about 30% less likely to have a C-section or require Pitocin. A helpful summary of that information and more can be found at:
  • Do I have to want a "natural" birth in order to benefit from having a doula?
    Medication does not exclude a mother from needing another to support her through one of the most powerful, intimate moments of her life. Whether you desire a fully medicated birth or want to deliver in the privacy of your own home, you will benefit from the care of a doula.
  • What are your birth doula fees?
    Investing in the support a family needs is worth every penny. Our standard rate is $1,600, which includes two sessions prior to birth, on- call period of two weeks before and after estimated due date, support through the entirety of labor, and one postpartum visit. Also included is one postpartum planning session to help you better prepare for your postpartum recovery.
  • What are your postpartum fees?
    Investing in your physical, emotional and mental health and recovery after giving birth to your baby is deeply valuable to every mother and a gift of love to your family as well. Each family's needs during this sacred time are unique and we want to honor that by building a plan that is right for you. Daytime shifts range from $35-$40/hr with a 2 hour minimum per day. Goodnight Shift (7pm-12am) $200 Full Overnight Shift (10 hours) $400/night We also provide birth and postpartum packages and multiple al la carte offerings such as a postpartum planning session or one-on-one bonding with your baby watercolor class . Please reach out to us with any questions.
  • What if I want both a birth and postpartum doula? Do you offer packages?
    Great question. Yes! Please reach out so we can help you customize a package that fits your needs.
  • What is the Body Ready Method?
    Great question! The Body Ready Method is an approach to birth that emphasizes creating a flow state of labor, a balanced body, and space to deliver your baby. Check out their website
  • I'm having a baby shower. Can I ask for gift cards to put towards your doula services?
    What a fun way to allow your family and friends to invest in you and your baby! Yes, send them to our web site so they can contact us about getting a digital gift card.

Frequently Asked Questions

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