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Baby's Clutch

Birth Support

A birth doula is a trained professional who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to mother's before, during, and after childbirth. The word "doula" comes from ancient Greek and means "a woman who serves."

Here are some key aspects of a birth doula's role:

  1. Emotional Support: Doulas offer continuous emotional support to expectant parents, helping them cope with the emotional challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. This support can include reassurance, encouragement, and active listening.

  2. Physical Support: During labor, doulas provide comfort measures such as massage, breathing techniques, and positioning suggestions to help manage pain and discomfort. They may also assist with creating a calming environment in the birthing space.

  3. Informational Support: Doulas share evidence-based information about pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care. They help expectant parents understand their options, make informed decisions, and navigate the healthcare system.

  4. Advocacy: Doulas advocate for the family's  preferences and desires within the birth plan. They support and encourage communication with the healthcare team.

  5. Continuous Presence: One of the unique aspects of a doula's role is their continuous presence during labor and childbirth. Unlike medical professionals who may come and go, a doula is typically with the family from the early stages of labor through the delivery and sometimes during the initial postpartum period.

It's important to note that while doulas are supportive figures, they do not replace the role of healthcare providers. Doulas complement the medical team by providing a different kind of support that focuses on the emotional and non-medical aspects of the birthing process.

Postpartum Care

Throughout your pregnancy you dream, prep, and plan for the delivery of your new baby and the exciting day you’ll get to bring them home. What you may not have given much thought to is your recovery from the mental, physical, and emotional work that comes with a new baby.  


Enter your postpartum doula: She is there to assist you on your path to physical and emotional recovery.  A postpartum doula is a non-medical support person who helps new mothers (and their families) do whatever she needs to do to recover well. Your health is vital to your family as there is no one else that can replace you! Whether this is your first or sixth child, delivery was vaginal or c-section or even your baby came through adoption investing in doula support can offer you things like time to sleep, rest, shower, someone to process with, prep a meal, or keep your toddler occupied so you can be your best self.  


Your comfort and mental wellness is of primary importance to your doula, she is there to take care of YOU so that you can be available to care for your loved ones. Every family’s experience of welcoming a new baby is unique and your doula knows this. She will work with you to identify your needs and provide the support necessary to help your whole family flourish.


Some of the Unique Postpartum Services Birth by Design Offers:


  • Emotional and Physical Support after Birth 

  • Mother Mentoring

  • Assistance with Baby Care (diapering, feeding, comforting)

  • Sibling Care (Play, Bedtime/Naps, Integration of the New Baby)

  • Non-Judgmental Listening Ear

  • Nourish you and your Family through Meal Prep 

  • Light Housekeeping (laundry, dishes, etc.)

  • Accompany you to Appointments

  • Feeding/Breastfeeding Support​

  • Running Errands

  • Baby Soothing Techniques

  • Bonding with your Baby through Art Session

  • Physical Movement Support for Mom 

  • Overnight Care for Baby and Mom

  • Adoption Support

Sibling Doula

You are ready to bring this baby into the world but what about your other child/children?  Who will care for them when you go into labor? Your sibling doula is ready and willing to be on-call for your big day to take care of your older children so you can concentrate on the birth of their sibling.  Whether planning for a home, birth center or hospital birth having a trusted professional ready to look to the physical and emotional needs of your older children can provide you with the confidence you need to head into your birth story with peaceful assurance that all are well cared for.

Your sibling doula will meet with your family prior to the big day so that your child/children have a familiar face ready to care for them.  Each family's story is unique so we want to learn your dreams for how you want your child/children to be included in welcoming their new sibling into the family. 

A Sibling Doula's Role Might Include:

  • Being on-call and arriving when parents request

  • Playing with, comforting, entertaining, and explaining to the child/children what is happening 

  • Supporting the parents in their desire to include their older children in however they desire

  • Making sure the child/children are fed, hydrated and get the rest they need

  • Creating special memories for the family

  • Practical support 

  • Help with immediate bonding with their new sibling

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I would be honored to be a part of your family's story.

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